Seasonal Fishing Facts

The time of season that you visit our area determines the type of fishing to be enjoyed, as well as the availability of services. July is our busiest month and always fills up first. This is when the second run of larger Kenai King Salmon arrives along with the Sockeye Salmon. We have great King fishing in May and June, though the fish average a little smaller in size. August and September bring the Silver salmon, Steel head, Rainbow and Dolly Varden. Fly fishing is very popular for the Trout and Steelhead during the entire season.


Kasilof River Drift-Boat Fishing

The Kasilof River typically offers the best early fishing, with Steelhead available as soon as the ice breaks up. Kings can be expected in good numbers by the 15th of May.

Rapidly becoming the favorite of many who have fished our area, this small “Drift Boat Only” stream can provide the best action of the year in terms of numbers of fish hooked in a single day. While they aren’t the giants of the Kenai River, fish will average 20-40 pounds, and sometimes exceed 60 pounds. It is not uncommon to see 10-15 fish hooked in a day’s drift, and that’s good King Salmon fishing! Relax on an Alaska fishing charter, spending the day in pursuit of the King of fresh water game fish. Let our experienced guides take you in their drift boat that comfortably accommodates up to four guests. Most of our Alaska fishing charter is within the tidal- influenced final 3 miles of river, where you can expect fish to be fresh out of the saltwater and a real handful to battle! Fishing is at its very best from mid-May to mid-June. From mid-June to the end of July the run begins to thin out in numbers but the fish tend to run larger. With many well over 50 pounds, an Alaska fishing charter in this river has something special to offer the entire season.

Kenai River Drift and Power Boat Fishing

Much of our early Alaska fishing charters in the Kenai River are also done from drift boats and can be very successful. The world record King of 97.4 pounds was taken on May 17, 1985, so there can be some very large fish around quite early. The water level rises as the days become warmer. By mid-June we fish from our various Kenai Flyer River sleds powered by quiet, state-of-the-art Yamaha 4 stroke outboard engines, which can accommodate up to 5 guests. Early Kings average around 35 pounds, but their size can be limitless!


Without a doubt, the hottest salmon fishing anywhere is in July on the Kenai Peninsula, which offers a very realistic chance of catching a truly world class trophy King Salmon. A typical Kenai King will average 45 pounds, and will commonly exceed 70 pounds. These monsters don’t even draw the most attention. Mid-July begins a run of Red or Sockeye salmon that numbers nearly a million fish. They are quite easy to catch on our Alaska fishing charters in Kenai, using just about any method; they are terrific fighters and prized by many as the best eating salmon of all. Most of our Kings are caught back-trolling, although there are times and places we will also side drift and back bounce. Hooking a 50-pound fish 6 feet from your rod tip on an Alaska fishing charter in Kenai is an experience not to be soon forgotten.


In late July, Silver or Coho salmon begin their return to the river systems, and by the first week in August you can expect excellent fishing on your Kenai charter. Silver salmon are regarded as the strongest fighters, and they provide some of the best action of the season. We fish both the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers with our Alaska charters using a variety of methods. Fish average 8-12 pounds, yet weighing into the upper teens is common.

Fly Fishing!

Fall Rainbow. Dollv Varden & Steelhead

The overall best action of the year is reserved for last. In late August, when the rivers begin to recede from the high waters of summer runoff, the Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden/Arctic Char fishing is incredible. Catches of 50 – 100 fish per day are common. Fish range in size from 2-20 pounds, with most Rainbows being 4 -12, and many of the Char being 3-8 pounds. This can be a fly fishing paradise, as the waters become low and clear with the cooling temperatures of September and October. This is one of the most prolific stretches of Trout stream anywhere in the world! Methods other than fly fishing are also very effective, though most of our fall Trout and Steel head fishing is catch & release.


Halibut fishing remains excellent throughout the spring, summer and fall. Many of our trips are run out of Homer, the “Halibut Fishing Capitol of the World”, as well as Deep Creek and the Anchor River. The fish range in size from 20 to over 400 pounds. Most Halibut are in the 40 – 80 lb. class, and are strong as an ox and superb table fare.