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Alaska Halibut are bottom feeders and are a two colored fish; presenting their top brown side to avoid predator fish hunting from above and a white side presenting a translucent color to predator fish hunting from below. Regarded as one of the top table fares from the ocean, their firm white meat is a favorite of Alaskans and top chefs.


Typically fished in depths from 100’ to 300’ using cut bait, the Captain will often drift through the school or anchor depending on tide and ocean conditions. Zone 3a, which includes Deep Creek, Homer and Seward still enjoy a two fish limit and fishermen can expect to harvest 50 to 60% of the total catch weight.


Our Partner boats are all licensed and insured and provide all fishing equipment and bait. Trips generally start at 6 AM. Driving to Deep creek is about 45 minutes, Homer – 90 minutes and Seward – 135 minutes. Depending on the location, guests will be provided specific directions after arrival at Salmon Catcher Lodge.